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“Coin collecting, or ‘numismatics’, can be one of the most rewarding and interesting hobbies. Join Jack Topping, the Editor of the JET Numismatics blog, as he explores the world of numismatics. Jack will share unique stories, exciting discussions with collectors, as well as in-depth interviews the first Saturday night of the month here on the JET Numismatics Podcast.”

S01E05 – A Discussion with Graham Beck from Exploring Stamps The JET Numismatics Podcast

Join Jack and Mr. Graham Beck from the Exploring Stamps YouTube channel as they discuss numismatics (coin collecting) and philately (postage stamp collecting), particularly the unique nature of both hobbies. Stay tuned until the end of the episode for an exciting announcement from Jack.
  1. S01E05 – A Discussion with Graham Beck from Exploring Stamps
  2. S01E04 – A Discussion with Christian Hartch from Treasure Town
  3. S01E03 – Incredible Inexpensive Numismatic Photography
  4. S01E02 – A Discussion with Quentin Christensen
  5. S01E01 – The JET Numismatics Podcast Trailer

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