It is important to many collectors that their collections, coins or otherwise, are neat, organized and accounted for. Despite having and using great digital inventory software, I wanted to help collectors who prefer a physical, written inventory make sure their collections are just that: neat, organized and accounted for. I decided to create a free, printable inventory template sheet for anyone to use, that focused on both aesthetics and function. It is balanced with three main sections, one for basic facts, a separate section on acquisition and/or sale, and a lengthy notes section.

A new, free way to organize your coins.

The inventory template sheet has additional space at the top for your own file/serial numbers for added organization, as well as spacing at the top so you can name your collection.

Keeping in mind that many graded and encapsulated coins feature a unique serial number, the “3rd Party Serial #” column is differentiated from your personal file number/serial number at the top of the sheet.

Not only does this inventory template sheet provide organization for the present, but can adapt to future changes without needing an entirely new sheet. Whether an edit is needed weeks, months, or years from now, there’s spacing at the bottom to write in changes. Be it an addendum, a new valuation, and/or a new date should anything change since your initial write-up on the sheet.

Formatted for Dollars ($), Euros (€), and Pounds (£)

There are three separate inventory template sheets available, each identical except for the currency used in the “Purchase Price”, “Sale Price”, and “Value” columns. Depending on where you collect coins, or what currency you prefer, there are three options to choose from: the Dollar symbol, the Euro symbol, or the British Pound symbol.

Additionally, the template sheet can organize more than one coin per sheet. Within the top section, there is spacing for quantity (stylized as “Qty.” within the sheet) so you can save time and paper for duplicate coins in your collection.

By design, there are two separate spaces for the “Obverse/Reverse Boxes” on the right side of the sheet. These boxes can hold information, drawings, photographs, etc., specific to the obverse and reverse of either individual or multiple coins.

Designed for coin collectors. For free, as always.

Please feel free to download and use the template that best suits you and the currency you use. This inventory template sheet, like any part of JET Numismatics, is completely free. This blog and The JET Numismatics Podcast was created to be both a place I could share my perspective on the coin collecting hobby, and a way to give back to the fantastic numismatic community- which is exactly why this template is free to use. I do encourage you to share this with your coin collecting family members and friends! Should you share this inventory template sheet, I ask that you please give credit to JET Numismatics.

The first file below is the ($) DOLLAR inventory sheet, the second is the (€) EURO inventory sheet, and the third is the (£) BRITISH POUND inventory sheet.

**When printing, you may need to select “Scale to Fit” and then “Print Entire Page/Image” to have the sheet print out properly. Your printing options may vary depending on your computer, software, and/or printer.**

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