APP REVIEW: “US Coin Collector Premium”

“App Review: US Coin Collector Premium” is an official iOS app review by Jack Topping. This review was completed on an Apple iOS device, for Apple products. All images and other copyrighted material displayed in this review were used with consent from SaintSoft, LLC.

[30 December 2015]

APP REVIEW: “US Coin Collector Premium”

As a return to normal activities since the 2015 holiday season is coming to a close, I wanted to review one of the best numismatic based apps on the Apple App Store:  US Coin Collector Premium. 

The app is by far one of the best coin cataloging and collecting apps on iOS. It allows users to upload and store coins in a neat and organized fashion, and provides a visibly appealing and easy UI. Best of all, there are two versions for any numismatist to choose from: the basic US Coin Collector and the advanced US Coin Collector Premium.

Currently, the US Coin Collector app is $0.99 in the App Store, while the US Coin Collector Premium app is $4.99.

Today, I’ll be taking a look at the more advanced software for sale, the Premium app. The biggest differences from the Premium app and the basic app include more advanced reports for data analysis and organization, a Touch ID feature for added security (for applicable Apple devices) and a feature to integrate the iOS collection with OS X called the “US Coin” app in the Mac App Store (for OS/X 10.8 or later), priced at $14.99.

The app has five (5) pages. These pages, including “Coins”, “Sets”, “Reports”, “Analysis”, and “More” allow for the user to have a well organized collection, easily accessible on their device.


To add coins to the app, simply press the “+” symbol in the top right corner to begin.

After pressing this button, a list of sections appear for the user to organize that coin’s information, which include the:

  • Country of the coin, (automatically set to the United States, but that can be changed manually for world coin owners),
  • Type of coin (for US coins, this section includes a “lookup”of almost every coin, including Pattern coins, Territorial coins, Commemorative coins, and Bullion coins),
  • Issue and Serial Number (this section includes a scroll feature to find the exact year and mint, with an automatic reference number, for US coins only),
  • Grade (including sections for third party grading services, like ANACS, NCG, PCGS, CAC and more),
  • Quantity, Prices, and Date (this section allows manual entry of purchase date/sell date, price and quantity, as well as a market estimate, with an automatic Ebay search with internet connection),
  • Storage, Supplier, Notes and etc. (which includes where the coin is stored, the supplier of the coin, the strike, and a section for personal notes),
  • and Sets, should the coin be a member of a set. The “Coin” page in the app also allows the user to put a photo of the coin in, either from the Camera or Photo Library of the device.


The app’s “Sets” page is an area to add and view sets for coins. To create a set, open the “Sets” page and choose the “+” symbol, read the instructions, and hit “Begin” to start adding set information. To add a coin to a set, simply open up that entry, go to the “Sets” subsection, and add it to that set.


The “Reports” page shows six (6) report options and settings. These six options include:

  • “P&L” (Profit and Loss),
  • “Insurance” (for information that is usually requested by insurance companies),
  • “Buy List” (for coins the user is looking to obtain),
  • “Collection Items Detail” (an organized list of the collection the user entered into the app),
  • “Export” (to export the collection and pertinent data in CSV format),
  • and “Metals” (for a detailed report on the precious metals in the collection, with weight measurements).


The “Analysis” page shows different sections, with an “Investment Summary” show total investment and market values to the right of the screen. Below that, it shows different statistics, including the number of Graded coins entered into the app, and the total ounces (oz.) of all coins.


The “More” page is full of helpful links, including the support website and email to the developer, as well as advanced features and other references to coin values/news.


US Coin Collector Premium” is a personal favorite. It’s the highest class software for the iOS market, giving users everything they need to organize their collection in one easily accessible place. The Premium app is well worth the $4.99.


Click HERE for the basic $0.99 US Coin Collector” app for iOS.

Click HERE for the advanced $4.99 US Coin Collector Premium” app for iOS.



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  1. I’d be interested how well do you think this app would work for a world coin collection. I have an app I love and use for years now, but I’d be interested in exploring other options, since the app I have is for collections in general, and you can tweak it to collect whatever.