JET Numismatics Published in Coin World


“JET Numismatics Published in Coin World” by Jack Topping.

[8 April 2017]

After reaching out to Coin World and speaking with Editor William Gibbs, I received great news in regards to my goal of becoming a published author in a well known, well respected numismatic publication. Mr. Gibbs had graciously given me the opportunity to write a guest commentary for Coin World’s March 27th issue. Immediately after I accepted his offer, I got right to work drafting a topic I was invested in: numismatic art.

As I wrote in the guest commentary, “At what point does ‘art,’ something truly subjective, cross the line into desecration of old or valuable coins?” I expressed my opinion throughout the article, referencing previous research I had completed on the topic, and came to various conclusions, all of which thankfully met the standards of Mr. Gibbs and the Coin World staff.

Overall, I am honored and excited to have been a part of Coin World’s issue and I hope to write for them again sometime in the future.


You can find Jack’s article, “Numismatic Jewelry: Is it a Form of Self Expression or Coin Mutilation?” on Page 14 of Coin World’s March 27th Weekly issue, as seen here.