The Amazing Discovery: 1964 Morgan Dollar

“The Amazing Discovery: 1964 Morgan Dollar” by Jack Topping.

[5 September 2016]

This week I came across, like many other numismatists, some exciting and slightly confusing news. According to various numismatic news websites, there were reports of a 1964 Morgan Dollar. “There’s no way there was such a thing as a 1964 Morgan Dollar! Maybe this is an error or simple typo” I said. I personally could not believe that it was indeed not a factual error, but the truth. Hidden in the depths of the United States Mint, original hub dies for both a 1964 Morgan Dollar and a 1964 Peace Dollar were waiting to be discovered for 52 years. According to a podcast on Coin Week magazine with expert numismatist Q. David Bowers, there was a small discovery team that found many interesting artifacts at the United States Mint. Q. David Bowers discussed how the hub dies and master dies of both 1964 Morgan and Peace Dollars were easily accessible. Bowers continued to talk about the necessity of silver dollars in the 1960s, as none were officially made since the last official Morgan Dollar in 1921.

This find is especially exciting because it is something the numismatic community does not know much about. It leaves plenty of room for speculation, and will continue to keep the numismatic world buzzing for months. Although no specific working dies were confirmed, it is still possible they exist or existed before they were destroyed. According to Bowers, to make a circulating 1964 Morgan Dollar series would require an act of Congress, however the Mint has, and still does today, make trial coins for research purposes.

This amazing discovery will continue to be reported on for quite some time, and I look forward to hearing more about it.



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