“Website Redesign 2019” by Jack Topping

[24 June 2019]

Fellow numismatists,

I am pleased to present to you the new JET Numismatics website! After having the same layout since the inception of JET Numismatics in 2015, a new look (and a new color scheme) was long overdue. This layout includes a more user friendly block style front page instead of the previous design, which made it difficult to quickly find older posts. In addition, categories have been completely overhauled. Each post has at least one category designed for easy identification, of which is listed on the right side menu.

At the top, there are a few noticeable changes- The new site motto, “content for the curious collector” appears for the first time. For the main menu, a new Community page is present, which will focus solely on the feedback I get from readers, most of which deserves to be featured on the website. Please stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information about the Community page.

Beneath that is the largest photo on the website, the header image, which currently is the 2019 30 gram Chinese Silver Panda, on the reverse site. I’m happy to announce that this header image will not be a static image, and will be frequently changed. All header images going forward will be original content, taken directly by myself. In addition, the community will have the opportunity to decide on the next header image(s) through social media interaction.

To the right hand side you will see another menu which first features the new JET Numismatics logo, of which will remain as a static image in that top spot. Below that is the aforementioned categories toolbar and upon clicking on a category, will direct you to all the posts on this website that meet that category’s specifications.

Finally, new content announcements, commentary and photographs will be posted on both social media platforms (Twitter and Instagram), links to which can be found on the right side menu.

Many thanks are in order for the hundreds of readers and nearly 700 followers of the blog on Twitter (at the time of writing this) who continue to inspire me to write new, exciting and interesting commentary, editorials and reviews on one of the greatest hobbies in the world. Special thanks goes to long time reader and personal friend, Mr. Quentin Christensen for his assistance in the new site design and motto creation, his assistance and friendship is invaluable.

Please reach out to me in the comments or on Twitter (@jetnumismatics) with any comments or concerns about the new site design!


Sincerely yours,

-Jack Topping

Editor, JET Numismatics

24 June 2019