“April Updates Galore” by Jack Topping.

[9 April 2018]

First announced today on Twitter, JET Numismatics will be going through some website and posting reforms. These changes include:

  • Website Announcements
  • A new, strict posting schedule and other announcements
  • Increased social media posting

All of these changes, including release of the long awaited article “The Magic of Metal Detecting” featuring commentary from The Silverslingers, take effect beginning May 1st, 2018. 

These are exciting times, and as a result, the number of posts on JET Numismatics as well as social media posts in the meantime will decrease. However, the Instagram and Twitter pages will feature more creative content, including photographs and detailed graphics during and after these May changes, while Facebook will continue to grow as an announcement platform for JET Numismatics.

Finally, as a way to kick off the updates to come in a few weeks time, the domain for JET Numismatics has been finally secured. Going forward, “jetnumismatics.com” will be the home of JET Numismatics, instead of the “.wordpress” URL addition.

Overall, I am excited to announce these changes, and I look forward to seeing everyone here on May 1st to see the new face of JET Numismatics.