“Thoughts on Future Commemorative Coins” by Jack Topping.

[16 November 2015)

I was recently asked, “What is one commemorative coin you’d like to see in your lifetime?” I gave this question some deep thought, and this is what I came up with.

Since I’m from a very historic part of New Jersey, I’d like to see more Revolutionary War commemoratives, more specifically, busts of true patriots on commemorative coins. Since my appreciation for numismatics and early American history goes hand in hand, I have heard many stories of some particular individuals who gave everything they had for the idea of a free United States. For example,  John Honeyman, a New Jersey butcher who became a spy for George Washington, would be a prime candidate for a commemorative coin, especially because of his skilled espionage, and for the information he provided to Gen. Washington that helped win the Battle of Trenton.

He was a true patriot, especially in New Jersey, as he helped the cause against the British tyranny at the time. He risked the charge of Treason against Britain, a charge that swiftly brought death in the eyes of British law.

A bicentennial commemorative of his death in 2022 would be a wonderful addition to the current list of commemoratives issued by the United States Mint, and it would be a gem in any American historian’s collection.

An interesting piece on the CIA website gives an interesting view on why he believes Mr. Honeyman was intentionally left off of General Washington’s official records can be found here.)

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